The 21st Annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference: April 19-21, 2016
TCC, Technology, Colleges and Community, is a worldwide online conference attended by university and college personnel including faculty, academic support staff, counselors, student services personnel, students, and administrators.

Join our 21st edition of this annual event to share your expertise, experiences, and knowledge relevant to the use of information technology in learning, teaching, innovation, and academic services. This event is very helpful and “friendly” to novices. It provides you with a strong foundation about teaching and learning with modern technology.

We have unlimited site licenses for group, campus and related institutional participants.

TCC PreConference Session #1 - Recorded on February 25, 2016
Make the Future! (Create a virtual Makerspace)
If you are a tech novice, have never participated in an online conference before, or just want to learn how exactly to participate in an online event, this free pre-conference event will give you the knowledge and skills needed.
TCC PreConference Session #2 - Recorded on March 16, 2016
Unpacking CBE
New competency-based education (CBE) programs provide learners with an alternative pathway through degrees and certification. What does that mean for those who teach in traditional programs? How is competency based education shaping what traditional institutions offer students? This session will unpack the meaning and processes behind CBE.

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